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Is your energy bill shooting through the roof? All State Insulation can help you keep things under control. Attic insulation is extremely important for keeping a warm environment in your household. Most of the heat that resides in your house is lost through the attic or roof. For this reason, you need a certified team that can help you install energy efficient insulation materials that keep your

Our Installation process

We use a pretty straightforward work process that allows our customers to understand how we carry out our projects. First, we perform a thorough inspection of your attic, clearing the way and cleaning any trails of dust so that our team is able to work properly. Here, we assess your home structure in case we need to replace or reinforce your ceiling rafters or other roofing elements. After that, we remove old attic insulation and residues so you have a clean surface for your insulation materials. We cover every nook and cranny inside the structure and also make sure the insulation will stay in place for years to come.

Cellulose Insulation

This type of insulator is made of plant fiber or paper-based products, and it is a low-thermal-conductivity material, which reduces heat loss and transfer. It also reduces noise transmission.


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Glass wool

This type of insulating material is formed from fibres of glass that are mixed by using a binding agent resulting in a wool-like texture. During the process, many small pockets of air are created between the glass fibers, creating a high thermal insulating material.

Stone Wool

This insulating material is made from a range of molten fibrous materials, such as volcanic rocks and ceramics, forming thousands of fine strands that are later woven by using a spinneret. Stone wool is fire resistant and water repellant, making it ideal for humidity control.

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